Welcome to the Illinois Birth to Three Institute Resource Website.

The entire site has gone through an extensive redesign and we feel that it will now be easier to navigate and locate the resources you need for Ounce funded Parents too Soon programs.

What you will find:

  • The PTS Subcontract Online Resources section contains all site subcontracting forms, equipment request and disposal forms, and reading, prenatal efficacy, and social support questionnaires.
  • The PTS OunceNet section contains links to OunceNet, an OunceNet training site, and other resources that offer additional information about OunceNet such as OunceNet tips, what to do when new staff need to be trained for using OunceNet, outcome indicators, OunceNet paper forms, and the OunceNet data entry deadlines.
  • The Ounce of Prevention Fund Training Institute section contains links to the online Training Centers. Go here for classroom and online training registration, and training handbooks.